Balderdash 2019
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The big numbers
Real Fictional
Yards spun:29,021.96
Yards spun:1,176,740.36
The biggest numbers of all: Five (5) charities were directly supported by our participants this year, including the donation of 26 volunteer hours during the spinning week!
Team Results
Real Fictional
 Deathray-Wielding Martian Spinners10,058 yds
 34.66% of total
Yak's Pants Optional Spinning Lovebus of Imaginary Yarn10,039.45 yds
 34.59% of total
 Front Porch Friends7,930 yds
 27.32% of total
Yak's Pants Optional Spinning Lovebus of Imaginary Yarn1,176,437.36 yds
 99.97% of total
 Deathray-Wielding Martian Spinners303 yds
 0.03% of total
Rigamaroloner Results
Real Fictional
 Jackalgirl994.51 yds3.43% of total
Top Five Spinners
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Real Fictional
Moonturtle 7,672 yds 26.44% of total
Kyfarmgirl 3,696 yds 12.74% of total
moo2moo 3,624 yds 12.49% of total
Yakityak 1,669 yds 5.75% of total
Robinfaure 1,630 yds 5.62% of total
  Coga 1,139,999.86 yds 96.88% of total
klothingme 23,100 yds 1.96% of total
Yakityak 5,317 yds 0.45% of total
Symbolicalating 4,019 yds 0.34% of total
bakecookies08 4,000 yds 0.34% of total
Results by country
Click on any country for breakdown by state/province/prefecture/county/etc.
Real Fictional
  United States of America 994.51 yds 0.08% of total
  Pan-national (unreported) 27,883.45 yds 2.37% of total
  Pan-national (unreported) 1,172,721.36 yds 99.66% of total

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