Balderdash 2019
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Real Projects
Prize   Spinner   Project Name   Competition Yardage   
  YakityakSouthdown wool453.20 yds
  Wickedcrochetlady Turtle Tweed 300 yds
  Wickedcrochetlady Possum 33 yds
  Wickedcrochetlady Emerald 210 yds
  Wickedcrochetlady Autumn 264 yds
  SnazzybCharity Knit - Balderdash Team Front Porch Friends576 yds
  RedandfieryOnce Upon A Time366 yds
  RedandfierySTC BFL76.30 yds
  QuiltBeadKnitWool/SoySilk379.50 yds
  QuiltBeadKnitBorder Leicester Handspun201.60 yds
  QuiltBeadKnitStarlight Starbright II283.80 yds
  QuillpenGeneva‚Äôs Alpaca13 yds
  QuillpenOrange Wesleydale166.50 yds
  QuillpenBirthday Blueberry93 yds
  OrigamiMoonDaintree399 yds
  OrigamiMoonMustache Millie196 yds
  NatashaTradeIceland Black320 yds
  NatashaTradeIceland Grey332 yds
  mva5493fiberqueen merino450 yds
  morgiMerino/Tencel207 yds
  MoonturtleBlue Floof512 yds
  MoonturtleThrough the Looking Glass810 yds
  MoonturtleOff with her head88 yds
  MoonturtleOut of time24.20 yds
  MoonturtleOcean272 yds
  MoonturtleWater daughter1,064 yds
  MoonturtleGraydient1,712 yds
  MoonturtlePink sparkle1,476 yds
  MoonturtleWensleydale360 yds
  MoonturtleOff with her head 2417 yds
  MoonturtlePurple silk234 yds
  MoonturtleJabberwocky788 yds
  MoonturtleGroovy Green1,056 yds
  LadyGwennanDark Chocolate Romney2,082 yds
  LaceMistressIcelandic #12,700 yds
  KyfarmgirlBlowing Sand Merino2,253 yds
  KyfarmgirlSwordz Mess222 yds
  jlr173rdnyMidnight1,485 yds
  jlr173rdnyMagenta!1,515 yds
  JackalgirlDa Blues519 yds
  JackalgirlExpectation vs. Reality: Fever Dreams186.75 yds
  JackalgirlExpectation vs. Reality558.99 yds
  JackalgirlDa Blues Minor124.14 yds
  ItsSOfluffyAngel Locks Fiberworks Gradient716 yds
  funny_diebarbarinStuck in Traffic4 yds
  funny_diebarbarinMovie Magic76 yds
  funny_diebarbarinMorning Commute186 yds
  funny_diebarbarinCleaning up Christmas88 yds
  funny_diebarbarinLeftover Singles Spun for Movie Magic65 yds
  EmmeSpinsDenim blues441 yds
  EmmeSpinsTiny Dancer 1,893 yds
  Coga4 fried chickens and a coke334 yds
  bakecookies08 Green Corridale45.66 yds
  ARavynBaby Rare Albino (Pink) Panda213 yds
  ARavynQuiet Bark773 yds
  ARavynRare Albino (Pink) Panda972 yds
  alwenSnowy White1,383 yds
   Total: 32,968.64 yds
Fake Projects
Prize   Sinner   Project Name   Competition Yardage   
  tigersharkknitsMy Night with Pegasus9,999.99 yds
  RedandfieryUnicorn Tails2,997 yds
  moo2mooCobweb1,090 yds
  iammoSea Silk and other yarns1 yds
  Doodlebeck Real Housewives of Balderdash9,999 yds
  ARavynIn the Dark (AKA Moth-Spider-Squid-Cocoon Yarn)7,680,003 yds
   Total: 7,704,089.99 yds


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