Balderdash 2019
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Dark Chocolate Romney

Is it real? You bet!
Final length:  694 yds
Plies: 2
Competition Yardage: 2,082 yds
Fiber Content: Romney Wool
Fiber Source: Ewephoria Farm
Fiber Weight: 21 oz
Project Thickness: 33.05 yards per ounce
Method Used: Worsted
Description:Handcarded up all this fiber (62.8 oz total) and put it through the Kitten Drumcarder fine drum to make many batts. I tore off stripps from the sides of the batts, predrafted the strips, and spun it up with short forward draw. For The Balderdash 2019, I spun up Skeins 7-9. Gonna weave this up with other hanspun 2 ply from other Romney fleeces into a T-tunic to wear in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


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