Balderdash 2019
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Cleaning up Christmas
by funny_diebarbarin

Is it real? Yup!
Final length:  22 yds
Plies: 3
Competition Yardage: 88 yds
Fiber Content: 70% Evergreen boughs, 10% holly, 10% poinsettia, 5% lights-ornaments-tinsel
Fiber Source: Neighbor's Business
Fiber Weight: 0.60 oz
Project Thickness: 36.67 yards per ounce
Method Used: Worsted
Description:My neighbor, who owns a landscaping business, knocked on my door asking if there was room in our yard wast bin. It turns out he was on a deadline to finish removing the citys Christmas decorations and brought the last of it home with him. The industrial wood chipper had made short work of the mess, decorations included. I told him I had a better way to help. Grabbing my spindle I began twirling and shouting By the power of centrifugal force I am spinning yard waste!!! When I was done everything was neatly chain-plied and skeined, laying in their driveway.


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