Balderdash 2019
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Is it real? Absolutely!
Final length:  495 yds
Plies: 2
Competition Yardage: 1,485 yds
Fiber Content: Merino
Fiber Source: Weaver's and Spinner's Society of Austin Garage Sale
Fiber Weight: 7 oz
Project Thickness: 70.71 yards per ounce
Method Used: Worsted
Description:The fiber came from the Weaver's and Spinner's Society of Austin garage sale at the West Austin Studio Show in 2018. I think it is Ashland Bay Merino - the mottled ones that I don't think they make any more. The color looks gray, but it is really a dark blue with some red bits. I spun the singles on my CPW Madame Alice and plied them on Helga, the sturdy JMS Casandra


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