Balderdash 2019
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Charity Knit - Balderdash Team Front Porch Friends
by Snazzyb

Is it real? Yes!
Final length:  192 yds
Plies: 2
Competition Yardage: 576 yds
Fiber Content: Various
Fiber Source: Various
Fiber Weight: 178 g
Project Thickness: 1.08 yards per gram
Method Used: Worsted
Description:As someone who loves to sample and play with small amounts of fibres - this challenge was right up my street! It gave me the opportunity to do some more work on last year's Advent Calendar, the results of which will go towards various charity knits. 192 yards x 3 (two singles which you get extra credit for plying. The results of which come to 576. Roll on 2020's event! Last, but not least, a lovely team - well lead!


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