Balderdash 2019
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Morning Commute
by funny_diebarbarin

Is it real? You bet!
Final length:  62 yds
Plies: 2
Competition Yardage: 186 yds
Fiber Content: 90% Vacuum, 10% Misc Gasses and Minerals
Fiber Source: Night Sky
Fiber Weight: 1 oz
Project Thickness: 62 yards per ounce
Method Used: Worsted
Description:===06:45 01-08-2019=== I commute during the night. At one point, near the summit of the pass, there was an area with no light pollution. I pulled over and enjoyed the stars. On my way back I noticed I had a little... something stuck to my finger. Upon closer inspection I realized it was part of the night sky! I can't wait to see how much I have after work! ===15:32 01-08-2019=== Oh no! After work I went out to my car, but there wasn't anything. I'm mildly disappointed, but such is life. ===17:30 01-08-2019=== Hooray! On my way home the sun set and a twinkling began in my passenger seat. When I looked over, there was a GIANT ball of sky!!! I can't wait to spin this. ===01-09-2019=== I stayed up all night and spun, but now it's finished and I love it. This is the lightest, softest yarn I've ever made. It glows faintly and lights twinkle across the skein.


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