Balderdash 2019
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Stuck in Traffic
by funny_diebarbarin

Is it real? You bet!
Final length:  1 yds
Plies: 3
Competition Yardage: 4 yds
Fiber Content: 100% stainless steel
Fiber Source: Side of the freeway
Fiber Weight: 0.07 oz
Project Thickness: 14.29 yards per ounce
Method Used: Worsted
Description:My commute is pretty lousy. It takes upwards of 1.5hrs to get home, but the same route with no traffic takes about half an hour. A few weeks ago I was stuck in traffic when a glint on the side of the road caught my eye. Having nothing better to do I left the car idling and went to investigate. Turns out there was a forgotten steel beam in the undergrowth. The next day I brought my box grater with me and when I got stuck at the same spot I leapt out and started grating. It took several days (and multiple box graters) but I finally had enough to spin. As a fun aside, nobody on the freeway even noticed I wasnt in my car. Best use of idle time ever!


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