Balderdash 2019
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Balderdash 2019 Coasters
Balderdash 2019 Coasters

Awarded to all team captains and a randomly-selected assortment of active participants, these awesome paper coasters are sure to hold up your coffee, tea, or beverage of choice in style during all your future spinning projects!
A hearty thank you! to Yakityak for providing this year's motto!

Feature Finder
Feature Finder

This prize is awarded to those participates who have entered the Matrix and found stuff that does not work. We very much appreciate the users who have provided invaluable help testing and reviewing the look & functionality of the website. They suffered for your fun!

The Knotical Mile
The Knotical Mile

This award is automatically awarded to any spinner who has spun a total competition length of more than one nautical mile (2025.33 yards) of real yarn.


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