Balderdash 2019
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Moon's Magical Creature Refuge
Offering the most dedicated medical & rehabilitation services for mystical creatures of all sizes & stripes. Our specialties include unicorn horn restoration, wyvern refeathering & phoenix hospice/birth services. Come see our completely rebuilt swamp dragon facility!*

*Liability waiver required to enter the swamp dragon facility.
Prizes Sponsored
Rolag With It
Rolag With It

This prize of eight (8) rolags made of the purest, most magical* uniforn floof** in the land, will be awarded to the winner of the "Best Tall Tale" prize, given for the person with the most entertaining (but entirely fabricated) project story in the competition.

*Magic may be nullified by skeptical attitude. User accepts all magical risk.

**Unicorn floof made by our very own Moonturtle out of Mulberry silk, Banana silk thrums, Polworth, Merino, faux cashmere, faux angora, & Angelina.


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