Balderdash 2019
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Team Yak's Pants Optional Spinning Lovebus of Imaginary Yarn
Sponsored by Samolean Trader
1. The money can't be stolen.
2. We're on a mission from God.
Team Captain:
The Driver of the Bus
Team Members: 
Glitter Maven
Team Real Projects
 Project NameByFinal length# PliesComp. Yardage
 Cleaning up Christmasfunny_diebarbarin22 yds388 yds
 Morning Commutefunny_diebarbarin62 yds2186 yds
 Stuck in Trafficfunny_diebarbarin1 yds34 yds
 Orange WesleydaleQuillpen55.50 yds2166.50 yds
 Birthday BlueberryQuillpen31 yds293 yds
 Geneva’s AlpacaQuillpen13 ydssingle13 yds
 Movie Magicfunny_diebarbarin19 yds376 yds
 Rare Albino (Pink) PandaARavyn243 yds3972 yds
 Baby Rare Albino (Pink) PandaARavyn71 yds2213 yds
 Quiet BarkARavyn773 ydssingle773 yds
 Angel Locks Fiberworks GradientItsSOfluffy179 yds3716 yds
 STC BFLRedandfiery70 msingle76.30 yds
 Leftover Singles Spun for Movie Magicfunny_diebarbarin65 ydssingle65 yds
 Southdown woolYakityak113.30 yds3453.20 yds
 Once Upon A TimeRedandfiery366 ydssingle366 yds
 Merino/Tencelmorgi69 yds2207 yds
 DaintreeOrigamiMoon133 yds2399 yds
 Mustache MillieOrigamiMoon196 ydssingle196 yds
 Green Corridalebakecookies08 45.66 ydssingle45.66 yds
 4 fried chickens and a cokeCoga334 ydssingle334 yds
 Iceland GreyNatashaTrade83 yds3332 yds
 Iceland BlackNatashaTrade320 ydssingle320 yds
 Totals: 3270.76 yds 6,094.66 yds
Team Fake Projects
 Project NameByFinal length# PliesComp. Yardage
 In the Dark (AKA Moth-Spider-Squid-Cocoon Yarn)ARavyn9,987 yds7687,680,003 yds
 Unicorn TailsRedandfiery999 yds22,997 yds
 Cobwebmoo2moo1,000 msingle1,090 yds
 Totals: 12,076 yds 7,684,090 yds


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