Balderdash 2019
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Team Front Porch Friends
Sponsored by Merlin's Apothecary
A group of wheel and spindle spinners out on Ravelery's front porch having a grand time making yarn together. Join us!
Team Captain:
Team Members: 
Queen of Queens
Lady in Waiting for Guffman
Court Jester
Lady Matchy-Match
Lady Lollygag
Morgan le Fay
Fairly Odd Mother
Countess of Crochet
Countess Cristiana
Her Ladyship Gwennan nic Ailpein
Queen of the Snaz
Team Real Projects
 Project NameByFinal length# PliesComp. Yardage
 Dark Chocolate RomneyLadyGwennan694 yds22,082 yds
 Emerald Wickedcrochetlady 70 yds2210 yds
 Turtle Tweed Wickedcrochetlady 100 yds2300 yds
 Swordz MessKyfarmgirl74 yds2222 yds
 Tiny Dancer EmmeSpins631 yds21,893 yds
 Blowing Sand MerinoKyfarmgirl751 yds22,253 yds
 Autumn Wickedcrochetlady 66 yds3264 yds
 Possum Wickedcrochetlady 11 yds233 yds
 Denim bluesEmmeSpins147 yds2441 yds
 fiberqueen merinomva5493450 ydssingle450 yds
 Icelandic #1LaceMistress900 yds22,700 yds
 Charity Knit - Balderdash Team Front Porch FriendsSnazzyb192 yds2576 yds
 Totals: 4086 yds 11,424 yds
Team Fake Projects
 Project NameByFinal length# PliesComp. Yardage
 A Newt Beginninghippieartchick117 yds3468 yds
 Real Housewives of BalderdashDoodlebeck 9,999 ydssingle9,999 yds
 Totals: 10,116 yds 10,467 yds


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