Balderdash 2019
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Team Twisted Gnomes
Twisted gnomes from Castle 12ecks. Enter at your own peril, leave naked if it's Tuesday!
Team Captain:
Gnome Prime
Team Members: 
Team Real Projects
 Project NameByFinal length# PliesComp. Yardage
 Border Leicester HandspunQuiltBeadKnit50.40 yds3201.60 yds
 Starlight Starbright IIQuiltBeadKnit94.60 yds2283.80 yds
 Snowy Whitealwen461 yds21,383 yds
 Wool/SoySilkQuiltBeadKnit126.50 yds2379.50 yds
 Totals: 732.5 yds 2,247.90 yds
Team Fake Projects
 Project NameByFinal length# PliesComp. Yardage
 My Night with Pegasustigersharkknits9,999.99 ydssingle9,999.99 yds
 Sea Silk and other yarnsiammo1 ydssingle1 yds
 Totals: 10,000.99 yds 10,000.99 yds


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